Flanged Diaphragm Seals
These types of diaphragm seals are designed for either direct mounting on the process flange or by clamping the seal between process flange and a cover flange. They are available in all kind of international flange standards, ASME B16.5, EN1092-1, API 6A ISO 10423 or JIS B2220.
BF Badotherm BF flush diaphragm flanged type
BRF Badotherm BRF flush diaphragm exotic wetted parts flanged type
BC Badotherm BC flush diaphragm wafer type
BRC Badotherm BRC flush diaphragm exotic wetted parts wafer type
EXT Badotherm EXT extended flush diaphragm flanged type
EXT-BC Badotherm EXT-BC extended flush diaphragm wafer type
US-FH Badotherm US-FH internal diaphragm flanged type
USF Badotherm USF internal diaphragm flanged type
USL-FH Badotherm USL-FH internal diaphragm flanged type
USLF Badotherm USLF internal diaphragm flanged type
Flanged Slip On – FSO – Diaphragm Seals
The FSO construction has the weld seal body-diaphragm as a wetted part, therefore diaphragm materials are mostly chosen the same as the body (disc) material. The FSO is recommended when special flange grades are required.
FSO-BF Badotherm FSO-BF flush diaphragm flanged type
FSO-BRF Badotherm FSO-BRF flush diaphragm exotic wetted parts flanged type
FSO-EXT Badotherm FSO-EXT extended flush diaphragm flanged type
Threaded Diaphragm Seals
These types of diaphragm seals are designed for direct mounting on the threaded process connection. They are available in all kind of international thread standards, NPT, BSP, ISO-228, and metric.
UST Badotherm UST internal diaphragm threaded type
USLT Badotherm USLT internal diaphragm threaded type
Ecx Badotherm ECx internal diaphragm threaded type
PS Badotherm PS flush diaphragm threaded type
Sanitary Diaphragm Seals
Sanitary seals are designed for pressure, level and flow measurements in food and pharmaceutical industries where the formation of bacteria needs to be prevented by reducing or eliminating blind spaces where process product could remain and thus creating impurities, bacteria by e.g. fermentation. As such these seals allow for easy cleaning by means of either threaded or clamp quick couplings.
SAx Badotherm SAx sanitary seals
ILS Badotherm ILS inline diaphragm seal
Special Diaphragm Seals
Some applications require non-standard diaphragm seals. We have developed a seal that can withstand extreme process conditions, or diaphragm seals that require specially designed connections.
HTDS Badotherm HTDS high temperature diaphragm seal
BHS Badotherm BHS hub connector
SJ Badotherm SJ extended diaphragm bolted type
BHP Badotherm BHP high pressure
Diaphragm Seal Filling Fluid (BSO)
The selection of a fill fluid for a diaphragm seal application requires a careful review of the application conditions. The fill fluid characteristics determine to a large extent the diaphragm seal system performance in terms of response time and temperature effect. Several fill fluid characteristics need to be taken into account to make the appropriate selection of the fill fluid.
BSO-02 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-02
BSO-03 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-03
BSO-06 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-06
BSO-18 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-18
BSO-20 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-20
BSO-21 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-21
BSO-22 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-22
BSO-25 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-25
BSO-36 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-36
BSO-40 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-40
BSO-41 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-41
BSO-42 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-42
BSO-45 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-45
BSO-46 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-46
BSO-48 Badotherm fill fluid BSO-48
Diaphragm Seal Solutions
Diaphragm Seal Solutions are specifically designed for more extreme process conditions, such as high temperatures or very low pressures. There are also specific solutions to improve the overal performance or durability of the Diaphragm Seal.
HTDS Badotherm HTDS High Temperature Diaphragm Seal
LGP Badotherm LGP Low Gauge Pressure
  Badotherm Gold Coating
TC Badotherm TC Temperature Compensator
DLD Badotherm DLD Diaphragm Leak Detection
  Badotherm Heavy Duty Support Tubes
  Badotherm Raised Face Covered
Flush rings and flanges, reducer flanges, and accessories
The flushing flange or ring is used for flushing solution combined with diaphragm seals. This type of flushing flange or ring is clamped between process nozzle and diaphragm seal. The reducer flange is used to mount a larger diaphragm seal to a smaller process connection. This type of reducer flange is clamped between process nozzle and diaphragm seal.

Diaphragm Seal Accessories are carefully designed to optimise the use of the Diaphragm Seal in your process conditions, or to ease the installation and protect it against damaging during installation.
  Badotherm flush flange
  Badotherm flush ring
  Badotherm reducer flange
  Badotherm diaphragm seal accessories