Bihl+Wiedemann expands the large range of AS-i Analog Modules by two Analog Output Modules (BWU3105BWU3106) and two Analog Input Modules (BWU3104BWU3100) in a new space saving IP67 housing. These enable use even in tight mounting spaces. In addition, 2 x 2 terminals are provided for profile cable (2 each AS-i and AUX). This makes it possible to implement branches directly in the module without the need for separate passive distributors.



Fig.: Analog Input Module and Analog Output Module, M12, IP67


New AS-i Analog Modules in detail

  • Available as
    • Analog Output Module with 2 outputs 0...20 mA (BWU3105BWU3106)

    • Analog Input Module with 2 inputs Pt100 (BWU3104) and with 2 inputs 4...20 mA (BWU3100)

  • Narrow 45 mm design enables use even in tight mounting spaces
  • 2 x 2 terminals for profile cables in the substructure module

    • Elimination of additional passive splitter and end caps saves money
    • Reduced effort thanks to less documenting and installation times
  • Allows connection of 2-, 3- and 4-wire sensors and actuators

  • Input voltage provided from AS-i and output voltage from AUX (24 V auxiliary power)
  • High protection rating IP67