SSR (Solid State Relay)  
Mono-Phase SSR (solid state relay)
SS-DA (DC to AC type) SS-X10DA (10A)
  SS-X25DA (25A)
  SS-X40DA (40A)
  SS-X50DA (50A)
  SS-X75DA (75A)
  SS-475DAR (75A/SCR)
SS-AA (AC to AC type) SS-X10AA (10A)
  SS-X25AA (25A)
  SS-X40AA (40A)
SS-DD (DC to DC type) SS-105DD 
SS-VA (VR phase control) SS-210VA
SS-CA (4-20mA Phase Control) SS-240CA (40A)
  SS-440CA (40A)
Three-Phase SSR (solid state relay)
DC to AC type 3-phase 3-line DC-to-AC Solid State Relay
AC to AC type 3-phase 3-line AC-to-AC Solid State Relay
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