OPAX - Online Opacity Tester System for Container Manufacturing

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OPAX-1000 Opacity Sensor

Test the opacity of containers with online, high-speed and accurate measurements. The OPAX-1000™ Opacity Tester combines proven sensor technology with innovative hardware to provide an easy-to-use system to measure light transmission in a wide variety of applications. 

Many products require packaging that protects the contents from the damaging effects of light. Establishing pass/fail criteria for minimum opacity of these containers and providing online opacity testing eliminates defects and allows real-time quality control. The OPAX-1000™ opacity meter allows you to test every container, and identify and remove containers with low opacity.

  • Relative Opacity Units display.
  • High-resolution analog output allows monitoring of opacity by external system.
  • High detection speed with 100 microsecond discrete output response.
  • Adjustable brackets provide quick set-up and integration into your process.
  • Calibration feature allows manual user sensitivity adjustment.
  • Laser-Mark position sensor indicates container positioned for measurement.
  • Unique numerical display indicates measured levels, making process set-up easy.
  • Rugged construction. 
  • Opacity Testing Applications: Online opacity meter for container manufacturing. The OPAX system can be used with packaging materials such as high density polyethylene, HDPE plastic, LDPE, and other opaque materials such as paper and composite films.
  • Quality Control Applications: The OPAX Opacity Tester system can be used for in-line incoming inspection of finished containers. Container manufacturers can deploy the OPAX opacity meter as part of a manufacturing process quality control system.