LSIS is promoting “Starter kit” and InfoU 75 tag special version. The purpose is to help the beginner who started to use LS PLC & HMI.


1.Starter kit


-          Model A (XBC-PKG-R10A) _LSis_PITESCO VietNam

-          Includes XBC-DR10E & Serial download cable & XP40-TTE_LSis_PITESCO VietNam

(XBC-DR10E + XP40-TTE/DC + PMC-310S) _LSis_PITESCO VietNam

-          Model B (XBC-PKG-R20A) _LSis_PITESCO VietNam

; includes XBC-DR20SU & USB Download cable & XP40-TTE_LSis_PITESCO VietNam

  (XBC-DR20SU + XP40-TTE/DC + USB-301A) _LSis_PITESCO VietNam

Model C (XBC-PKG-R30A)_ )_Lsis_PITESCO VietNam

includes XBC-DR30SU with Ethernet card & Analog Option board (XBO-AH02A) & USB Download cable & XP40-TTA) _LSis_PITESCO VietNam


2.InfoU 75tag special version

-          Special version to promote InfoU_LSis_PITESCO VietNam

-          This version include only USB license and supply without manual & CD. (Install version can be downloaded from LSIS website._Lsis_PITESCO VietNam