New FAL BGS model: FALW-1 and FALW-3

The FAL Family is now complete with the new FALS and FALW version, cylindrical Photoelectric Laser Sensor with Background Suppression. The product is available both in the axial version and in the radial one. The sensitivity adjustment is possible from 25 to 100 mm for the axial Laser Class I, while for the Laser Class II it is from 30 to 150 mm. For the radial version the adjusting range is from 25 mm to 130 mm, with Laser Class II. Thanks to the real small and focused bright SPOT and to the 1,5 kHz switching frequency, this model grants a real precise and stable detecting performance on the object. The trimmer sensitivity adjustment allows an easy and quick set up phase, making possible the high speed small object detection. The sensor is available both in NPN/PNP version, and complementary outputs.


New miniaturized Inductives - AC1 series - AD1 series - AHS series - AES series

M.D. Micro Detectors, is glad to inform you that in the continuous development and widening of Proxy family range, introduces the new miniaturized inductive sensors: - AC1 series = Ø4 - AD1 series = M5 - AHS series = Ø6,5 - AES series = M8 Through these new models introduction, today, the M.D. Micro Detectors proxy product portfolio is settled as one of the most competitive and complete of the Industrial automation market. The new miniaturized inductive sensors are now available in the shielded version, both with standard detecting range (Sn = 0,8 for AC1/AD1 models and Sn = 1,5 mm for AHS/AES models) and with long distance one (Sn = 1,5 mm for AC1/AD1 models and Sn = 2 mm for AHS/AES models). All models are supplied with Steel Housing. Available the NPN or PNP outputs, with NO and NC logic, with 2 m cable or M8 plug; all models are available with CE and UL certification.


New Ultrasonics - UT1D and UT1F

M.D. Micro Detectors is glad to announce the introduction on the Market of 2 new families of ultrasonic sensor in the M30 housing: UT1D and UT1F. The Ultrasonic sensors portfolio becomes even more complete and competitive UT1D family sensors, working from 200 mm up to 4.300 mm, are characterized by the high working range, offering the widest operating distance normally reachable by products with bigger dimensions and higher costs. Moreover they can grant their perfect functioning with an extremely reduced blind zone. The really compact plastic body, only 89.5 mm, makes possible the installation in really reduced spaces. UT1F Family sensors, with plastic body in 90 mm dimension, included the large front part, are the most compact sensors present on the Market which can reach a working detecting distance of about 6 m. M.D. Micro Detectors, with a view to its continuous ultrasonic sensors portfolio update, is glad to introduce a further enlargement in the UK6 short body sensors range, through the new UK6A family and the new single analog output and NPN models.



New BGS model: QMRS

The QM Photolectric Family has been enlarged with a new Model QMRS, the new miniaturized cubic Photolectric sensor with background suppression. The QMRS is a really performing product thanks to the mechanical multiturn trimmer adjustment and to the 1 kHz High switching Frequency which allows a really precise and stable detection on the object. The particularly visible RED emission and the bright SPOT extremely defined, make quicker and easier the product installation and alignment procedure. Through the adjusting range from 30 mm up to 200 mm this sensor can be fitted in the largest application field. The product is available in the PNP and NPN configuration with cable output, 4 pins M8 Plug, pig tail both M8 and M12. The background suppression function through the optical triangulation technology, can detect objects of different colour at the same distance, since it reduces the sensor dipendence from the quantity of reflected light of the object.