Absolute positional detection sensor -
Model Part Code Name
VRE VRE-P028 Absocoder
  VRE-P062 Absocoder
  VRE-P097 Absocoder
  VRE-P0100 Absocoder
  VRE-P101 Absocoder
  VRE-S028 Absocoder
  VRE-S062 Absocoder
  VRE-16TS Absocoder
MRE MRE-32S Absocoder
  MRE-1024S Absocoder
  MRE-G64S Absocoder
  MRE-G128S Absocoder
  MRE-G160S Absocoder
  MRE-G256S Absocoder
  MRE-G320S Absocoder
  MRE-G640S Absocoder
  MRE-G1280S Absocoder
  MRE-G2560S Absocoder
VSL VSL-8PS Absocoder
  VLS-8PSJ Absocoder
  VLS-8PSM Absocoder
  VLS-8SM Absocoder
  VLS-10PS Absocoder
  VLS-12.8 Absocoder
  VLS-16PS Absocoder
  VLS-32PS Absocoder
  VLS-256PW Absocoder
  VLS-256PY Absocoder
  VLS-512PW Absocoder
  VLS-512PY Absocoder
  VLS-1024PW Absocoder
  VLS-1024PY Absocoder
IRS-51.2P Inrodsensor
VLS-8PSJAC4-NT Ntcoder
Actuator equipped with the position detector
CSA   Cylnuc
CSAH   Cylnuc
SAA   Cylnuc
SAB   Cylnuc
SAH   Cylnuc
SBA   Cylnuc
SBB   Cylnuc
SBH   Cylnuc
SCAH   Cylnuc
SCHH   Cylnuc
SCJ   Cylnuc
SCM   Cylnuc
AS-10   Absoservo
ASA   Absoservo
ASC   Absoservo
ASM   Absoservo
ASMA   Absoservo
ASP   Absoservo
IM-10DN   Absoservo
PA   Absoservo
PE   Absoservo
Long length sensing type absolute position detector
WR-2.5   Wire Runner
WR-5   Wire Runner
WR-7   Wire Runner
WR-10   Wire Runner
Roll gap sensor in the continuous casting machine
RSG   Rollgapsensor
Converter & Controller
Model Part Code Name
NCV NCV-20N Converter
AB AB32N Converter
  AB33N Converter
  AB34N Converter
AL AL010 Converter
  AL110 Converter
  AL120 Converter
  AL200 Converter
  AL220 Converter
  AL230 Converter
AM AM110  Converter
  AM120 Converter
  AM130 Converter
  AM210 Converter
AV AV010 Converter
  AV110 Converter
  AV120  Converter
  AV200 Converter
  AV210 Converter
VC VC200 Converter
  VC201 Converter
  VC210 Converter
  VC230 Converter
  VC231 Converter
  VC240 Converter
  VC242 Converter
  VC40 Converter
  VC401 Converter
  VC440 Converter
  VC50 Converter
  VC830 Converter
  VC841 Converter
  VC842 Converter
  VC843 Converter
  VC880 Converter
  VC-VME Converter
VE VE-2A Converter
  VE-2AG Converter
  VE-2B Converter
  VE-2BG Converter
  VE-2BGH Converter
  VE-2BH Converter
VI VI-1 Converter
  VI-2  Converter
VL VL-2 Converter
VM VM-2A Converter
  VM-2AG  Converter
  VM-2B  Converter
  VM-2BG Converter
  VM-2BGH Converter
  VM-2BH Converter
VSV VSV-100  Converter
  VSV-101 Converter
  VSV-103 Converter
  VSV-201 Converter
  VP Varicam
  VS-3 Varicam
VS-5 series VS-5A Varicam
  VS-5B  Varicam
  VS-5C Varicam
  VS-5E Varicam
  VS-5ED Varicam
  VS-5EX Varicam
  VS-5EXG Varicam
  VS-5EXR Varicam
  VS-5T Varicam
VS-6 series VS-6  Varicam
  VS-6E Varicam
VS-7 series VS-7 Varicam
  VS-7EX Varicam
  VS-7R Varicam
VS-10 series VS-10B Varilimit
  VS-10BH Varilimit
  VS-10E Varilimit
  VS-10ED Varilimit
  VS-10EM Varilimit
  VS-10ET Varilimit
  VS-10EX Varilimit
  VS-10EXD Varilimit
  VS-10EXT Varilimit
VS-1S62 series VS-1S62 Varilimit
  VS-1S62B Varilimit
  VS-T62 Varilimit
VS-262 series VS-262  Varilimit
  VS-262B  Varilimit
VS-62 series VS-62 Varilimit
VS-Q62 series VS-Q62 Varilimit
  VS-Q62P Varilimit
  VS-Q62B Varilimit
  VS-Q62BP Varilimit
  VS-20T  Varilimit
VS VS-2 Variswitch
  VS-T01 Variswitch
  VS-T11 Variswitch
For PROFIBUS-DP VE-2PR Unit for Field Network
  VM-2PR Unit for Field Network
  VL-2PR Unit for Field Network
For DEVICE NET VS-212DN Unit for Field Network
For CC-LINK VE-2CC Unit for Field Network
  VM-2CC Unit for Field Network
  VL-2CC Unit for Field Network
  VS-1AN Varianalg
  VS-10BH-A Varianalg
  CHC Motion Controllers
  VS-12  Motion Controllers
  VS-12P  Motion Controllers
  VS-CYLC  Motion Controllers
  VS-CYLE Motion Controllers
  M8  Multi-Axis Controllers
  M8E Multi-Axis Controllers
  MVM  Multi-Axis Controllers
  V8  Multi-Axis Controllers
Proximity switch for heavy-duty use
Model Part Code Name
Passing detector of any wire rod, steel bar and pipe
  TT-1 TT-1
Easy connecting and disconnecting connector
  SGA series Connector
  SGU series