Analogue Meters
Description Part #
RI-XXE  AC Analogue Meter
Upto 100A Direct Reading
CT Operated -/5A or -/1A Input
Or voltmeter up to 600V AC
48,72 or 96 DIN

Example RI-72E 500v
1A Direct Reading up to 100A Direct Reading.

5A or 1A Current
Transformer Input
RI-XXM DC Analogue Meter
Up to 500 VDC
Or Shunt driven 60mV or 75mV for current
     48.72 or 96 DIN

Example RI-72M 75mA Scale 100A
Shunt 60mV or
75mV input .

Analogue input
0-20mA or 4-20mA
RI-600 Timer
Electronic Multi-Function Timer
17.5mm DIN rail mounting enclosure
Selectable functions:
- On delay - from application of supply voltage
-      Interval
-      Cyclic equal OFF first
-      Cyclic equal ON first
-      Pulse output, 500mS fixed
-      Delay on brake
-      Delay on make / Delay on brake
-      Single shot
-      Retriggerable single shot
-      Latching relay
-      Delay with totalise
-      Interval with totalise
     Selectable time ranges 0.1-1s, 0.3-3s, 1-
10s, 3-30s, 0.1-1m, 0.3-3m, 1-10m, 3-
30m, 0.1-1h, 0.3-3h
Supply voltage 20-240Vac 12-240Vdc
1 changeover contact
RI-PSR Phase Failure Relay
     Phase Sequence, Phase Sequence & Phase Imbalance
3-phase 3-wire operation
Input voltage 154-500Vac
Phase Failure Trip :3 Phase Voltage
Phase Imbalance : 30Vac Fixed
Response Time <200mS
1 x Changeover contact
Contact rating 3A at 230Vac
17.5mm DIN rail mounting enclosure
RI-VPR Voltage Relay

     Phase Sequence, Under Voltage & Over
3-phase 3-wire operation
17.5mm DIN rail mounting enclosure
Under Voltage 310 to 405Vac
Over Voltage 425 to 520Vac
1 x Changeover contact Contact rating 3A at 230Vac Fixed on delay 400mS
Adjustable off (trip) delay 0.2-10s