LCD Touch Panel Display Digital Indicator F370&F371


It is able to visually capture in waveforms the fluctuations in physical quantities which are difficult to capture by only numerical values.

A state-of-the-art digital indicator that controls measurement by amplifying and performing high-speed digital processing of recognizable signals received from a strain gauge sensor that measures pressure, load or torque. With utilization of liquid crystal touch panel display, visibility and operability of waveform display and others are greatly improved. Through its ample 20 types of waveform hold function, it is the best digital indicator for graders and testers used in results judgment of assembling work and auto machining.

(ANALOG OUT only for F371)

LCD Touch Panel Display Digital Indicator F370&F371

*F370/F371 are being shifted to brand new model, F372 currently.
Please ask our sales department for production termination schedule of F370/F371.


Sensor excitation 10V, 5V, 2.5V DC (digital adjustment)
Output current: Within 120mA 4-wire (Up to four 350Ωload cells can be connected.)
Signal input range -3.0 - +3.0mV/V
Equiv. input calibration range 0.5 - 3.0mV/V
Accuracy Non-linearity : within 0.02%/FS ±1digit (at a 3.0mV/V input)
Zero drift: Within 0.5μV/℃ RTI
Gain drift: within 0.01%/℃
A/D converter Speed: 2000 times/sec. Resolution: 16bit(binary)
Waveform hold Tracking, Sample, Peak※, Valley※, P-P※, Mean value※, Relative maximum, Relative minimum, Inflection Point
※HOLD PERIOD SETTING : All Period, External Signal, Time, Time with trigger
Analog monitor output(F371) Analog voltage proportional to sensor input signals.
The output level : approx. 2V per 1mV/V of sensor input.
Analog output D/A Converter (OPTION):Voltage output 0 - 10V, Current output 4 - 20mA
Display STN color LCD module (display area: 75mm×56mm) 320×240 dots
Indicated value: ±99999 (5-digit)
Display unit(F370) Weight……kg, g, t
Force……N, kN
Pressure……N/m2, Pa, KPa, MPa, bar
Display unit(F371) Weight……. kg, Mg, g, mg, μg, t, lb, dyne, kdyne, OZ, TONNE, %
Force……N, kN, MN, mN, μN, Nm, kNm, MNm, mNm, μNm, ftlb, gcm, kgm, inlb, inoz
Pressure……Pa, kPa, MPa, GPa, hPa, mPa, μPa, bar, mbar, μbar, mmHg, N/m2, psig, ftH2O, inH2O, atm, psia
Density……. kg/m3, g/cm3, t/m3, g/ml, g/l, kg/m, mg/m
Momentum……. kgm/s, kgm2/s, kgm2
Viscosity……PaS, mPaS
Length……km, m, cm, mm, μm
Speed……m/s, km/h, m/s2, rpm
Flow rate……kg/h, kg/min, kg/s, t/h, t/s, t/min, m3/h, m3/min, m3/s, l/h, l/min, l/s
Interface(F371) RS-232C communication interface  Start/stop system
Baud rate 1200bps~ 19200 bps
External output signal HI/LO comparison output (HH, HI, OK, LO, LL)/ hold end output / Serial data output(SI/F)/ Event output at the end of graph plotting(F371)
Control input signal(F370) Graphic START/STOP input; multi-holding (comparison, holding) setting values selective input; Holding control input; Digital zero-input  
Control input signal(F371) Graphic START/STOP input; multi-holding (comparison, graph, holding) setting values selective input; Holding control input; Digital zero-input; Calibration value selective input; Screen LOCK input
F370 SI/F interface
RS-232C interface (Option)
RS-485 interface (Option)
DeviceNet interface(Option)
CC-Link interface(Option)
BCD parallel data output interface(Option)
D/A converter(Option)
F371 SI/F interface
RS-232C interface
RS-485 interface (Option)
DeviceNet interface(Option)
CC-Link interface(Option)
BCD parallel data output interface(Option)
D/A converter(Option)
Power supply voltage AC100V to 240V(±10%) 50/60Hz DC12 to 24V(±15%)(Option)
Power consumption(F370) AC spec: 12W max.
DC spec: 20W max.     
Power consumption(F371) AC spec: 15W max.
DC spec: 20W max.
Operating conditions Temperature: Operation temperature 0℃ to +40℃ Storage temperature -20℃ to +60℃
Humidity: 80%RH or lower(non-condensing)
External dimensions 100(W)×96(H)×138(D) mm(protruding areas are not included)
Panel cut out dimensions 92×92+1-0mm
Weight Approx.1.0kg
CE marking certification ・EMC Direcitive EN61326-1(CLASS A) 
・Safety Standerd EN61010-1
Operation manual 1
Acceptance proof 1
The sticking-by-pressure terminal for external I/O terminal stand(TMEV1.25-3S) 22(F370)
AC supply cord 1
Connector 1(FCN-361 J024-AU For external I/O connector, It the standard appends to F371.) 1
Connector 2(TCP8080-01-520 for RS-232C, standard attachment F371) 1
Connector 3(57-30360, At the time of an BCD option addition) 1
Mini driver (D/A, At the time of an RS-485 option addition) 1
Ferrite core 1(F370)


Model Description
※Only F370. F371 is installed by the standard.
BCO BCD parallel data output interface
DAC D/A converter interface
232※ RS-232C communication interface
485 RS-485 communication interface
CCL CC-Link interface
ODN DeviceNet interface

Optional accessories

Model Description
CAAC3P-B3 AC Supply cord 3m
CAAC3P-CEE7/7-B2 AC Supply cord (Voltage resistance:250V)2m
TSU01 Lightning surge unit
CVR38 Dust cover set
DS400 Data sampler
CA371-I/O Cable with FCN connector at one-end 3m * for F371
CA371-232 mini DIN-D-Sub 9P cross cable 2m * for F371


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EDS (F371)
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