Handheld percent oxygen analyzer measures O2 concentrations from 0 to 100%. Features


  • an advanced galvanic oxygen sensor
  • 32 month sensor life; no maintenance required
  • 12,000 hours of battery use
  • wide variety of optional accessories
  • cost effective checking O2 levels in labs, air tanks


(oxygen sensor Replacement for Dive Rite, DiveTek, El Chepo, MSA Mini Ox, Teledyne, Vandagraph, Maxtec, and more… 

Accuracy: < +2% of FS range under constant conditions Analysis: 0-100% oxygen
 Application:  Personnel safety Area monitoring O2 deficiency in confined spaces Checking breathing air tanks Checking tanks intended for scuba diving Confirming the O2 levels prior to welding  Approvals:  ISO 9001:2000, MDD 93/42/Annex II, ISO 13485:2003
Area Classification: General purpose Alarms: A models: None; M models: User adjustable HI 1-100% and LO 0-99% alarms; 120 second alarm silence for calibration purposes; HI alarm defeat for 100% O2 analysis
 Calibration:  Air or certified 100% O2every 8 hours  Compensation:  Temperature compensated
 Connections:  A/M models: 1×16 mm thread; HC models: Tubing 1/4”  Controls:  Soft touch keypad for ON/OFF and menu function
 Dimensions:  3.6 x 5.9 x 1.6”; weight 10 oz. (280 grams)  Display:  3-1/2 digit backlit LCD 2.75 x 1.375; resolution 0.1% O2
 Flow Sensitivity:  None between 0.2 to 10 liters per minute  Humidity:  Non-condensing 0-95% RH
 LED Indicators:  A models: None; M models: upon activation of alarms  Linearity:  +1% under constant conditions
 Pressure:  Inlet – A/M models ambient, HC models – regulate; Vent all models – atmospheric  Power:  2 AA Alkaline batteries; 1,200 hours continuous use
 Response Time:  90% of final FS reading in 9 seconds  Sensitivity:  < 0.5% of FS range
 Sensor:  A/M models: AII-11-60; HC models: AII-11-60-HC  Sensor Life:  60 months in air at 25ºC and 1 atmosphere
 Signal Output:   None  Storage Temp.:  -20º to 60ºC (-4ºF to 140ºF) on intermittent basis
 Temp. Range:  5º to 45ºC (41ºF to 113ºF)  Warm-up Time:  None