Level Transmitter


Product Name Smart GWR Level Transmitter
Product Model ALT6100
Brief Introduction

Autrol Smart Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter



The ALT-6100 is a time domain reflectometer (TDR) configured for level sensing. It measures the round-trip time for a pulse to propagate along a transmission line (or probe) to the surface of a liquid and reflect back. The propagation time is independent of air temperature, pressure and humidity, and the precise location of the pulse reflection depends only on the location of the liquid's surface, independent of the liquid's dielectric constant.

  • Measures accurately on materials with dielectric (dK) as low as 1.4
  • Guided wave rader measurement for up to 3.0 mm accuracy
  • Measures level and interface on challenging applications including foam
  • Trouble-free operation since the transmitter is virtually unaffected by dust, vapor, interfering obstacles, and turbulence. It is even suitable for small or oddly shaped tanks


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