Pressure Transmitter

LFSFlush&Extended Diaphragm Seal and Capillary Type


Product Name SingleRemoteType-Smart Level Transmitter (LFS&LES)
Product Model APT3100-LFS&LES
Brief Introduction

LFSFlush&Extended Diaphragm Seal and Capillary Type



  • The ATT-3100L Smart Pressure Transmitter is a micro processor-based high performance transmitter, which has flexible pressure calibration and output, automatic compensation of ambient temperature and process variable, configuration of various parameters, communication with HART protocol.
  • All Data of Sensor(Tag No., Type, Range) is to be input, modified and stored. HART communication can be Max 1.5Km. In Multi-drop Mode, Max 15 transmitters can be connected and communicated with Host.
  • Flexible Sensor input : Measuring hydrostatic pressure head and transmitting liquid level
  • Various output: 4 ~20mA(Analog), Digital Signals
  • Automatic Compensation of Ambient Temperature
  • Setting Various Parameters : Zero/Span, Fail-mode, Unit, Trim, etc.
  • Self Diagnostic Function : Sensor, A/D Converter, Memory, Power, etc
  • Digital Communication with HART protocol, Command.
  • Flame-Proof Approval : (KOSHA Ex d IIC T6) – (option) (KTL Ex ia II C) – (option)
  • Superior Performance
    • High Accuracy : ±0.075% of Span (at 20℃)
    • Long-Term Stability
  • Flexibility
    • Configuration of data with HART configurator
    • High Reageablity (100:1)
  • Reliability
    • Continuous Self Diagnostic Function (sensor, memory, communication).
    • Automatic Compensation : Linearization of sensor input, Ambient temperature
  • Compensation
    • Fail-mode process function by hardware and software
    • EEPROM Write Protection
    • CE EMC Conformity Standard (EN50081-2, EN50082-2)


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