Capacitive sensor 

Order Code:  BCS00M2


Connection Cable, PUR
Technology Standard
Working range 1
Size M18
Mechanical installation condition Flush (shielded)
Switching output / function NPN/Normally open (NO)

General attributes

Mechanical installation condition Flush (shielded)
Series M18
Degree of protection as per IEC 60529 IP67
Ready delay tv max. 300 ms
Switching freq. f max. 100 Hz
Temp. drift max. (% of Sr) 20 [-5..+55 °C]
Repeat accur. R max. (% of Sr) 2 %
Power-on indicator Yes
Function indicator Yes
Short-circuit protected Yes
Protected against polarity reversal Yes
Protected against reverse connection No
Utilisation category DC 13
Basic standard IEC 60947-5-2
Protection class II
Scope of delivery 2 nuts
Trade name GlobalProx

Electrical attributes

Connection type Cable
Electrical version DC, direct current
Operating voltage 10...30 V DC
Ripple max. (% of Ue) 10 %
Switching output NPN
Switching function Normally open (NO)
Rated operating voltage Ue DC 24,0
Effective operating current Ie 100 mA
Rated insulation voltage Ui 75 V DC
No-load current Io damped 18 mA
No-load current Io undamped 15 mA
Hysteresis H max. (in % of Sr) 15 %
Voltage drop static max. 1,5 V
Principle of operation Capacitive

Mechanical attributes

Rated operating distance Sn 8 mm
Number of conductors 3
Conductor cross-section 0.34 mm²
Cable diameter D max. 4,6
Housing material PBT
Sensing surface material PBT
Cover material PA
Cable jacket material PUR
Ambient temperature Ta min. -25 °C
Ambient temperature Ta max. 85 °C
Working range Sa max. 8 mm
Working range Sa min. 1 mm
Diameter d1 M18x1.0
Depth 75 mm
Mounting length 60 mm
Tightening torque max. 2 Nm


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