Power input:AC 100~240V,single phase 50/60Hz.
‧Power consumption:DEI-300A/AL maximum 1W. DEI-300BL maximum 1.5W.
‧Output contact:DEI-300A/AL DO x 1, DEI-300BL DO x 2, controlled by manually or automatically. Compulsively power on/off by manually, 
 auto scheduling.
‧Contact capacity:NO contact capacity 220VAC 2HP、110VAC 1HP, resistance load 15A.
‧Ambient temperature and humidity:Operating temperature 0~50℃, humidity <90%RH. Storage temperature -10~60℃, humidity <90%RH.
‧Real-time can last for 48 hours after power failure to prevent any trouble on changing the batteries or resetting.
‧Summer time setting.
‧Time accuracy:±30 seconds / month.
‧Setting:Time setting by 24-hour clock, one week as a circle.
‧The minimum step:10 minutes
‧DO timer setting: 10 minutes as a step. 144 steps per day. Each step can be set individually.
‧Safety measures:When PCB temperature is ≧95℃, controller will switch off all output contacts compulsively. Meanwhile, "tA" will blink and
 alarm will be activated;when PCB temperature is ≦ 75℃, "tA" alarm will be released.