Power input:AC 230V±10% or AC 115V±10%,50 / 60Hz.
.DO x 4
.Contact capacity:250VAC 10A (resistance load).
.Time setting by 24-hour, hour、daily 、weekly programming, one week as a circle.
.Do timer setting,10 minutes as a step. 144 steps per day. Each step can be set individually;
  DEI-322(Do1、Do2 is set individually), DEI-324(Do1,Do2,Do3, and Do4 is set individually).
. Manually/ Automatically changeover: under manual status, it enables external switches
 ( Do1 SWITCH, Do2 SWITCH, Do3 SWITCH, Do4 SWITCH ) DO output to ON or OFF,
 and temporarily stop timer operation; under automatic status, it operates as per setting.

.Safety measures:when PCB temperature is ≧95℃, controller will switch off all output 
 contacts compulsively. Meanwhile, "tA" will blink and alarm will be activated;
 when PCB temperature decrease is ≦ 75℃, "tA" alarm will be released. 
 Real-time can last timing for 24 hours.

.Real-time can last for 48 hours after power failure to prevent any trouble on changing the 
  batteries or resetting.