Input power: ACAC24V±10%, single phase 50/60Hz.
PPIPID control logic
Unit seletion: Temp ℃、Temp , Humidity %, Number
Communication Form: Modbus-RTU
Communication InterfaceRS- 485 
Wire Specification: 2C UL2464/24AWG communication isloated wire.
Removable control panel, maximun distance 30m (With addition power supply to extend the distance to 1200m maximun)
Failure, alrem and protenction status input
Series connection of DEI-6688N is feasible.
Input/ Output:
 UI (Universal input) - 6sets: DC 0V~10V, DC 4mA~20mA, Ni1000 (Temp), Pt1000(Temp),
 LG-Ni1000(Temp), NO/NC, button switch.
 AO (Analog output) - 6sets: DC0V~10V, DC 4mA~20mA.
 DI (Digital input) - 8sets: NO/NC Button switch.
 DO (Digital output) - 8sets: Relay3A/250VAC, NO/NC.