■Delta F (DF) has been manufacturing industry-standard ultra-high purity oxygen sensors for decades
■DF manufactures a portfolio of oxygen sensors ranging from percent-level detection to ultra-trace level parts-per-trillion (PPT) detection
■The electrochemical (coulometric) sensing technology has been the industry standard oxygen sensing technology for the semiconductor industry due to the lowest LDL, direct oxygen measurement and measurement reliability over time
■The DF760 dual technology analyzer utilizes the most sensitive DF560E oxygen sensors
■Over a year of testing and development have produced firmware improvements to greatly improve low-end stability in ultra-trace measurements
■New Baseline Optimization
–NBO allows for ultra-stable baseline measurments
–Insignificant long-term drift
–Intelligent transient spike rejection
–Improved O2 sensor temperature stability
–Allows for high-level of confidence in meeting low-end stability
Enhancements include:
•New white enclosure with purple key pad
•Key pad icons changed to standard Servomex analyzer icons
•New Baseline Optimization (NBO) firmware loaded on all new analyzers
•Lower detection limits
•Improved user interface
•Longer internal data-logging in DF700 Series
•CO2 as a background as for DF700 Series including; DF745 ,745SGMAX, 749 and 750