Máy phát lưu lượng nhiệt độ chính xác cao cấp công nghiệp eYc FTM94 / 95

IP67 Rugged stainless steel case, fit in variety harsh environment
Easy to install, imported sensing element, high accuracy, long-term stability
Switch multifunction physical quantities:[m/s]、[ft/s]、[Nm3/h]、[Nm/s]、[L/min](Air velocity and volume)
LCD Display of air velocity and temperature

FTM94/95 Hot wire thermal air velocity transmitter working at a constant Temp. using King's law heat balance equation for:




Sensor voltage output(V)


Zero output of constant temperature hot wire anemometer, can use CTA circuit as temperature compensation


Sensitivity of the sensor, related to the operating temperature


Fluid flow rate


0.45 ... 0.5(Standard)

Can be calculated from the formula characteristic curve of constant Temp. hot wire anemometer, special double PT probe and full metal housing design, high accuracy, suitable for a variety of pipe diameters, widely used in industrial fields.

Input type:Pt20 / Pt300(Air velocity),Pt1000(Temp.)
Measuring range:0 ... 120 Nm/s,N:Working condition(Definition:20°C at 1013 hPa);Units can be converted Nm/s(Flow rate) or Nm3/h(Flow)(Option)
Installation angle effect:<3% of the measured value(When the installation angle<10°)
Output signal:4 ... 20 mA / 0 ... 10 V / RS-485 / Impulse
Preset output:Out1:Air velocity;Out2:Impulse
Signal connection:3-wire
Linear accuracy:±1.5%
Warm-up time:<60 sec
Reaction time:t90<5 sec
Load resistance:Current output:≦500 Ω;Voltage output:≧10 KΩ
Probe pressure:10 bar
Power supply:DC 24 V±10%
Electrical connections:M12 metal connector / terminal IP67
Fixed seat:1/2" PT outside thread metal connector
Installation:Duct type / remote type
IP rating:IP67 (Probe);IP65 (Housing)
Material:Housing:Aluminum alloy;Probe:SUS304 or SUS316