GPE Model F2001 series Bi-Rotator Flowmeter apply pure mechanical structures which guaranteed extream precision and long life-time. Our helical rotators were machined under highest standard which guaranteed (interior housing volume to be constant during measurements) the precision of measurements. Direct mechanical output eliminates further error (caused by signal degrades) in electronic devices. Learn more>>

Meter Registers
Explosion-proof digital totalizer and flow indicator with optional RS485, pulse output and/or 4 to 20mA output
Mechanical meter register with 6 figures non reset type tantalizer (5 on digits plus 1 on dial)
Mechanical meter register with 5 large figures, 8 digits no reset type totalizer, 5 figures resettable through single handle


• Superior accuracy ±0.1%, over 10:1 turn-down ratio

• Extremely long service life

• Self-lubricating, low noise and vibration

• Two unique helical rotators with no touch, but synchronized by timing gears in the measuring chamber

• Uniform rotation means low pressure drop

• Rugged double case structure prevents loss of calibration due to changes in pressure or temperature

• No oscillating, reciprocating or sliding pars or cranks to wear or disturb the balanced rotary action


• Accuracy: ±0.1% of reading accuracy
• Line size: ¼" to 16" (8 to 400mm)
• Repeatablity: ±0.02%
• Working Pressure: Customized
• Pulse Output: (18 to 36V, VH=20V, VL<1V and output load <200Ω)
• Process temperature: -22 to 480°F (-30 to 250°C)
• Current Output: 4 to 20mA (two wire system w/600Ω max loop load)
• RS485 Output:communication with Modbus
• Viscosity: 0 to 20,000cP
• RTU (powered by 18 to 36V and <60mA)
• Protection: IP65 (IP67 for option)
• Display: Instantaneous/ Totsl/ Batch flow • Ambient Temperature: 104 to 176°F (40 to 80°C)
• Ambient Humidity: 5% to 95% RH at 75°F
• User Parameters: K factors, linear correction coefficient flowrate input signal section points, temperature and pressure compensation, set pulse output range, decimal adjustment, etc.
• Communication Baud Rate: Optional (1200, 2400, 4800 or 9600)


F2001 Bi-Rotator Flowmeter

Product Guide

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Model Selection
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