GPE Model P1001 series Screw Pump applied unique large module multi-head screw variant technology and sealing and Russian aerospace seal technology. By taking the advantage of both screw and centrifugal pump, our P1001 series screw pumps succeed in achieving excellent balance between head, capacity and noise control. Special alloy selection provides our pumps with high corrosion and wear resistance. Learn more>


• Low power consumption, high capacity, good energy-saving performance

• Russia aerospace seal technology

• 1.5 to 2.5 times the capacity of common pump

• 1.5 to 3.0 times the suction height of common pump

• 30% to 50% more energy conservation than the common pump with same flow capacity

• Smaller mass and outlet size than common pump

• Special alloy screw with high wear resistance

• Working and functioning in cavitations



• Maximum Capacity up to 1000m³/h

• Maximum Head up to 90m (3543")

• Maximum Viscosity up to 500CST

• Maximum Pressure up to 1.6MPa

• Working Tempreture ranged from -20 to 180°C



P1001 Screw Pump

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