I.S. Interfaces

Ex repeater/
power supply

Intrinsic safety, I.S., interfaces are implemented between the process sensors and the major control system. The transmitted signal from the I.S. interfaces can be analogue, digital or HART®.

PR electronics’ I.S. interfaces are marketed worldwide and designed to meet the terms of the strictest international standards from the processing industry. Thus, the modules for I.S. signal conditioning comply with both European and American standards.  

ATEX is the name of a European directive concerning material for hazardous atmospheres. The I.S. interfaces are adapted to this directive and meet the demands of the EN 50014, EN 50020 and EN 50282-1-1. Thus, the I.S. interfaces are certified to function as associated equipment for potential hazardous atmospheres. According to the ATEX directive the I.S. interfaces from PR electronics can function in the following potential hazardous areas:

  • Group 2 (surface industry)
  • Zones: Zones 0, 1, 2 for inflammables gas, mists and vapours as well as zones 20, 21, 22 for inflammable dust.

Furthermore, several of the I.S. interfaces are certified according to UL 913 - the American I.S. standard. These modules can be used in connection with the following areas:

  • Class I, Division 1, Group A, B, C, D; Zone 0 & 1, Group II C (gas)
  • Class II, Division 1, Group E, F, G (dust)

The universal uniqueness of the 5000B-series offers the customer many concrete advantages:

  • Alarm functions for cable and sensor errors for process optimisation
  • Quick response time optimising the process
  • Technology making the I.S. earth connection unnecessary
  • Transmission of HART® signals with high galvanic isolation
  • Diagnostics via AMS function


A backplane is the ideal choice where 4 or more devices are to be integrated in the same process panel and system 7300 gives you a wide range of options:

  • DSC-specific connectors
  • I.S. and standard devices
  • The standard connection allows integration with the following system vendors:
    ABB Automation S800
    Allen-Bradley ControlLogix
    Emerson Delta V / Delta V SIS
    Foxboro I/A series
    GE-Fanuc 90-30 / 90-70
    Honeywell C I/O
    Invensys Triconex TMR PLC
    Mitsubishi Melsec Q series
    Schneider Electric Modicon Quantum / Modicon Premium
    Siemens S7 - 300
    Yokogawa Centum CS3000-R3 / Prosafe
  • Optional connection to fail-safe controller

The reduction of manual wiring is another obvious advantage of the backplane. The wiring from the control system to the signal conditioning devices is replaced with a multi cable with e.g. a 25-pole SUB D connector. Totally, the backplane replaces up to 56 wires.


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