Large low-speed granulator can be cleaned in a short period of time.You can then immediately granulated located next to the mIt is also possible pulverization of the defective part.olding machine.


1. Easy Cleaning

Decomposition with no special tools, cleaning is possible. Visual residue inside it is easy for the granulating chamber is open wide.

2. Granulating Can be Defective

Can be granulated on the fly came out in defective molding. Grnulation capacity (approx.) 20kg ~ 40kg / h

3. Space-Saving

Can accommodate a variety of layout in a compact design.

4. Low Noise

for low noise (30rpm/60Hz) low-speed rotation. The hopper was adopted to suppress the sound bouncing vibration damping steel sheet.

5. Safety

Equipped with an interlock limit switch of one tank and one for suction feeding hopper. Have been made a standard breaker for motor overload protection.