PSEN op4S-1-1
PSEN op4S-1-1
Product number: 630381
Type: PSEN op4S
Product version: 1.0
Approvals: CE, TÜV, GOST
Sensor principle: Infrared
Operating range: 0,0 - 8,0 m
Reaction time: 1.00 ms
Number of OSSD outputs: 0
Muting: No
Supply voltage: 20 - 30 V
Supply voltage type: DC
Metric diameter: M18
Protection type, housing: IP67
Application in accordance with: EN 61496-1, EN 61496-2
Resolution, protection type: Body
Depth dimension: 62.6 mm
Gross weight: 73 g
Net weight: 44 g
Ambient temperature: -25 - 55 °C
Product number Description Type in accordance with EC 61496 Sensor principle
630380   Infrared
630381   Infrared
630382   Laser


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