Retroreflective sensor 

Order Code:  BOS00U0
BOS Q08M-NO-PR11-02


Output signal NPN (1x), NC
Light source, light type LED, red light
Connection Cable, 2m, PUR
Ambient temperature -10
Special properties Miniature
Series Series Q08M
Design Block, 90° connection
Range Sn Sn = 550 mm
Degree of protection as per IEC 60529 IP67
Reference reflector BOS R-9
Switching freq. f max. 400 Hz

General attributes

Ready delay tv max. 150 ms
Utilisation category DC 13
Switching freq. f max. 400 Hz
Temp. drift max. (% of Sr) 10
Basic standard IEC 60947-5-2
Short-circuit protected yes
Degree of protection as per IEC 60529 IP67
Protected against polarity reversal yes
Protected against reverse connection yes
Additional text The sensor is functional again after the overload has been eliminated.
Polarizing filters prevent spurious switching due to reflecting and shiny parts.
Operating object (test target): Gray card, 200 x 200, 90 % remission, lateral approach
Against line-induced noise an external protection is recommended e.g. capacitor (≥20nF) to ground (please refer to "Information EMC protection" document No. 864234).
For additional information, refer to user's guide.
Order accessories separately.
Series Series Q08M
Indicator Light receipt - LED YE
Limit range - LED YE, flash.
Reference reflector BOS R-9
Special properties Miniature

Electrical attributes

Output resistance Ra 33 kOhm
Rated operating voltage Ue DC 24 V
Effective operating current Ie 100 mA
Rated insulation voltage Ui 75 V DC
Electrical version DC, direct current
Load capacitance max. (at Ue) 0,1 µF
Off-state current Ir max. 50 µA
Ripple max. (% of Ue) 10 %
Switching output NPN (1x)
Switching function NC
Turn-off delay toff max. 1,25 ms
Turn-on delay ton max. 1,25 ms
No-load current max. Io at Ue 15 mA
Voltage drop Ud max. (at Ie) 2,5 V
Operating voltage 10...30 V DC

Mechanical attributes

Number of conductors 3
Cable short designation Li9Y11Y-O
Cable length 2 m
Conductor cross-section 0.14 mm²
Surface protection Nickel-plated
Eff. switching distance Sr 550 mm
Shock rating Half-sinus, 100gn, 2ms, 3x8000, Half-sinus, 30gn, 11ms, 3x6
Vibration rating 10-2000 Hz, 1mm am., 30gn,3x5h, 10-55 Hz, 1 mm ampl., 3x30 min
Ambient temperature Ta max. 60 °C
Ambient temperature Ta min. -10 °C
Degree of contamination 3
Sensing surface material PMMA
Housing material GD-Zn
Cable jacket material PUR
Cable diameter D max. 3
Tolerance Sr +40 %
Mounting type Screw M3
Design Block, 90° connection
Operating range Ro 0...550 mm
Blind zone 25 mm
Beam characteristic Divergent
Range Sn Sn = 550 mm
Length 1 8.0
Length 2 8 mm
Length 3 44 mm

Optical attributes

Principle of optical operation Retro-reflective sensor
Switching function, optical NC: light-on
Light type LED, red light
Wavelength 640 nm
Ambient light max. 5,000 Lux
Polarising filter yes
LED group per IEC 62471 Exempt group
Light source, light type LED, red light


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