Tempsens Instruments manufacturers High accurate RTD's for variety of applications

Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD), as the name implies, are sensors used to measure temperature by correlating the resistance of the RTD element with temperature.

RTDs are relatively immune to electrical noise and therefore well suited for temperature measurement in industrial environments, especially around motors, generators and other high voltage equipment.

Mineral Insulated RTD's   Special RTD's    


Pt 100, 200, 500, 1000,
copper 50,53. etc

Element size (MI)

Wire wound ceramic encapsulated
Wire wound Glass encapsulated
Thin film ceramic encapsulated


2, 3, 4 wire


Class A, B 1/2, 1/3, 1/5, 1/10 DIN

Protection Sheath

SS 304, SS 316, SS 310, Inconel, Hastalloy, Monel Etc

  • Slide shoe RTDs
  • Vibration proof RTDs for DG sets
  • Motor & Transformer winding temperature RTDs
  • Handheld & Probe in various design
  • RTDs with IBR approved Thermowells
  • Strap on RTDs for nuclear
  • High Temperature RTDs upto 650°C
  • High Accuracy RTDs upto 1/10 DIN
  • Semi Standard PRTs.
Download Chart(PDF's)
R-100 RTD with head & Insert R-101  RTD with Head & Fitting
R-102 RTD with Process Connection & Insert R-103 RTD with Head & Tip Assemble
R-104 RTD with Head & Weld Pad R-105 RTD with Nipple
R-106 RTD Nipple Union Nipple R-200 RTD with Cable (Mineral Insulated)
R-201 RTD with Cable and Adj. Comp. Fitting R-202 RTD with Cable
R-203  RTD with Cable & Byo nut R-204 RTD with Cable & Fitting (Spring Loaded)
R-205 RTD with Cable Adj. Fitting R-206 RTD with Weld Pad
R-271 Transition Joint RTD R-272 Transition Joint RTD(Probe)
R-273 RTD with Junction Box R-341 RTD with 3 Pin Connector
R-342 RTD insert with Adj. Fitting R-343 RTD  Insert
R-500 RTD with Thermowell R-501 RTD with Thermowell & Adj. Fitting
R-502  RTD with Thermowell & Adj. Flange R-503 RTD with Tapered Thermowell & Adj. Flange
R-504 RTD with Straight T/W,Adj.Comp. Fitting & Cable R-505 RTD with Thermowell Without Head
R-650 RTD with Nipple & Taper T/W R-651 RTD with N/U/N & Taper T/W
R-652 RTD with Nipple & Straight T/W R-653 RTD with N/U/N & Straight T/W
R-654 RTD with Straight T/W & Adj. Comp. Fitting R-655  RTD with Nipple & Straight T/W
R-656 RTD with N/U/N & Straight T/W R-726 RTD with Nipple & Taper T/W
R-727 RTD with N/U/N & Taper T/W R-728 RTD withTapered T/W & Adj. Comp. Fitting
R-729 RTD with Nipple & Straight T/W R-730 RTD with N/U/N & Straight T/W
R-731 RTD with Straight T/W & Flange R-732 RTD with Flange N/U/N & Stepped T/W
R-734 RTD with Taper T/W (PTFE,PFA,PVDF Coated) R-735 RTD with Thermowell
R-800 Slide Shoe RTD with Bakelite Cup & "U" Clamp    

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