Separator of supreme functions:
It meets any requirement of the plastic industry.


TRH Decanter is produced based on our 50-year know-how. Its supreme performance is highly valued home and abroad. The TRH Decanter exhibits his power in dewatering of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics.


  • Unique beach provision reduces cake moisture.
  • The tough screw conveyor and the high torque gearbox increase throughput.
  • Efficient crystal cleaning 
  • Efficient CIP (cleaning-in-place) system allows quick material changeover.
  • Torque control warrants consistent performance even in separation of materials in various grades.
  • The airtight Decanter is suitable for treatment of toxic or volatile materials.
  • The gearbox oil circulation system enhances performance and durability of the gearbox. The forced lubrication system secures a reliable gearbox performance in the continuous high load operations.