Stainless Steel Safety Pressure Gauges
The stainless steel pressure gauge is a product of high quality. The stainless steel pressure systems are all provided with seamless drawn tube which reduces the chance of tube rupture. All gauges have the connection welded into the case and is produced according to the international standard EN837 and the PED. They can be supplied with 3.1, Nace and calibration certificates and can also be equipped with ATEX declaration. The most safe stainless steel pressure gauge is the solid front type with baffle wall and blow out protection (BDT20).
BDT20 Badotherm BDT20 solid front pressure gauge
BDT20-P Badotherm BDT20-P solid front pressure gauge overpressure protected
BDT20HP Badotherm BDT20HP solid front pressure gauge_high pressure
BDT18 Badotherm BDT18 process pressure gauge
BDT21 Badotherm BDT21 solid front pressure gauge phenolic case
BDT19 Badotherm BDT19 process pressure gauge reduced volume
Differential Pressure Gauges
We have combined diaphragm seal technology in the latest design of the BDT13. With this new approach we are able to produce a differential gauge with high accuracy over the full scale in multiple exotic materials.
BDT13 Badotherm BDT13 differential pressure gauge
Contact Pressure Gauges
Contact gauges are manufactured with two types of switching methods. A SPDT micro switch build on the movement or a precision contact system. The micro switch can have a factory set point or with an on-site adjustable set point. The precision contact systems can be delivered as a magnetic, electronic, or inductive system. All gauges, contacts and wiring comply with the latest standards.
BDT30-18 Badotherm BDT30-18 contact pressure gauge
Capsule Pressure Gauges
Capsule gauges are used for low pressure measurement from 16 up to 600 mbar. Our capsule gauges are completely made of stainless steel and suitable for corrosive environments and gaseous media that will attack copper alloys.
BDT9-18 Badotherm BDT9-18 capsule pressure gauge
Diaphragm Pressure Gauges
The diaphragm pressure gauge uses a mechanical principle with axles to transfer the pressure form the diaphragm to the movement. It is suitable for all gaseous and liquid media, as well as for viscous media and suspended solids.
BDT12  Badotherm BDT12 diaphragm pressure gague
BDT15 Badotherm BDT15 mud pump pressure gauge
Pressure Gauge Accessories
Installing the pressure gauges often require some accessories. Badotherm delivers these accessories such as overpressure protector or syphon for steam applications. All accessories are made of stainless steel and can be mounted and set on the pressure gauge in our factory.
BDT40 Badotherm BDT40 pressure gauge mounting bracket
BDT42 Badotherm BDT42 pressure gauge syphon
BDT45 Badotherm BDT45 pressure gauge snubber
BDT49 Badotherm BDT49 pressure gauge overpressure protector