Principle and Technology of the IMR800 
• Technology---TDLAS Technology (Tunable semiconductor laser absorption spectrum technology).  
• Principle---Bill Lambert (Beer-Lambert) law:  
• Advantage---It’s good to solve the problems of interference by background gases, dust and pollution of windows etc. The precision is higher, selectivity is better and response time is shorter.

Advantages of the IMR8000
• Advance technology of TDLAS 

• Good selectivity of methane, but not interfered by other gases • High accuracy and sensitivity • Good resistance against sun, water, sand, wind and shock 

• Less drift due to temperature 

• Longer life span and low maintenance cost 

• Natural Gas Pipe Lines 

• Oil platforms 

• Separation of Gas Storage Stations 

• The IMR 8000 can work in severe environments - Sea Water - Snow, fog, Rain, Ice 


• Range: 0~100%LEL · m  

• Working distance: 120m 

• Working humidity: 0~95%RH 
• Working temperature: -40℃ ~ +60℃ 

• Zero drift: ±5%LEL·m 

• Ingress protection: IP66 

• 316L stainless steel housing 

• 4 ~ 20mA or RS485 signal output 

• Power input: 120VAC/230VAC  


  • Hand Operator / Computer 
  • Calibration Gas Chamber