Inductive Proximity Switches with Proxi-Teach


Proxi-Teach by Proxitron


Inductive  sensors  with  greater  sensing  distances  get  influenced  by  a metal surrounding. Therefore the sensing distance need to be adjusted manually before using the sensor. This happens fast and uncomplicated with Proxi-Teach.


The Proxi-Teach function recognises metal in the surrounding by one press of the button and sets the maximum possible sensing distance automatical- ly. This way the optimal object recognition and stable functioning is ensured. Secure at all ambient temperatures.


Metal in the surrounding disturbs the sensor


Metal in the direct surrounding influen- ces the sensor which can cause distur- bances. The sensing distance need to be set with a potentiometer manually when conventional sensors are in use. This re- quires experience and knowledge of the characteristics of the sensor.


The optimal sensing distance with Proxi-Teach IN 3 SECONDS


Proxi-Teach is comfortable and the teaching very simple.


By only one press of the button the optimal sensing distance is set automatically. When the LED lights up green continuously you have the security that the sensor detects all objects reliable even if the temperature changes.


Type                                   Proxi-Teach

IKN 070                                       No

IKN 070T                                    Yes