Đại lý hãng Adamantis Vietnam, Adamantis Vietnam, đại lý Adamantis tại Việt Nam

About Adamantis Vietnam (https://videosystems.it/en/adamantis/ )

Adamantis is a complete line of adavnced sensors, cameras, measuring systems based on artificial intelligence, specifically designed and manufactured for use in the hot rolling process and to withstand the severe conditions of the steel environment.

The Adamantis® family includes:

Basic sensors that meet almost all the control requirements of the mill production line.

Adamantis Evoluta, a series of advanced solutions that apply the best artificial intelligence technologies developed by Video Systems for advanced quality and process control.

Product list Adamantis Vietnam :

  • Sensors
  • Shooting system
  • Heavy smart camera
  • Counting solutions
  • Contineo
  • Spatium
  • Limen
  • Gradus
  • Metrum systems
  • Vides
  • Welding Guard

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