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Tên: RP5MA0200M01R081A100 – Cảm biến vị trí
Model: RP5MA0200M01R081A100

Nhà sản xuất: MTS sensor

Đại lý phân phối: Song Thành Công

[caption id="attachment_6870" align="alignnone" width="400"]RP5MA0200M01R081A100 – Cảm biến vị trí – MTS Sensor RP5MA0200M01R081A100 – Cảm biến vị trí – MTS Sensor[/caption]

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Boll Filter

PN: 1946156
Filter element

IRD Mechanalysis

Model IRD533
 IRD533 (MIL533), Side Exit, 4 mV/mm/sec, M6 x 1 mounting bolt
SKU: M5330045006000

IRD Mechanalysis

Model M88200
IRD8800 (8800), M88200 (88200) - Casing Vibration
 Module, 2Ch Vibration Input and 1Ch Keyphasor
 Input, API Standard 670 Compliant
SKU : M88200
Please confirm Input Supply Voltage. We can accept
90-270 V AC as an option OR 24 V DC as other
option. Supplies are not interchangeable.

IRD Mechanalysis

Model MS-PAD-M6
Sensor Mounting Pad MS Blackodized for
Accelerometer (40x40x16mm) with M6 x 1 thread tapped
Earlier known by SKU M60056

IRD Mechanalysis

Model M60101
Cable Assembly, Teflon 3.5mm dia, SS Conduit 5mm
ID, 10m, 2 Pin MS, Shielded
Temperature withstand capability less than 260 degC
Connection: 2 Pin MS at sensor end and Spade Lugs at other end


JUMO part no.: 00528994
precision pressure transmitter with
switching contacts and display
Basic type JUMO DELOS SI
Input 0..25 bar relative
Output 1x PNP switching output and 1 analog
output 4 to 20 mA, user configurable
Process connection G 1/2 DIN EN 837
Process connec. mat. CrNi (stainless steel)
Electrical connect. Circular connector M12 x 1
Filling medium Silicone oil
Output scale SCL 0,000
Output scale SCH 25,00
Output scale unit bar
Power supply DC 12(14)..30 V


Model: BG2WNN1FR
Breakglass Call Point, Weatherproof Only, IP66 & IP67, Material: GRP, Entries: 2 x M20 Bottom, Wiring: Switch Only, Polycarbonate Lift Flap: Fitted, Finish: Red.


Article number: 2625165WDS-7500-P115-M-SO
Draw-wire displacement sensor mechanics
prepared for mounting an encoder
measuring range 7500mm
linearity +/-0,02% FSO
displacement per revolution of encoder shaft (reference mark intervall) = 315,07mm protection class depending on encoder wire outlet with stripper and bellows incl. groove stones for sensor mounting
 Note: recheck delivery time before order

MTS Sensor/Temposonics

Code : RP5MA0200M01R081A100
Temposonics® R-Series V Rod
 Note: RPM0200MR081A01 is obsoleted
 Recheck delivery time before order


Model: 301-0076-0000
Tolerance: around 0.5m
MOQ = 1 ROlL = 100m
Made in China



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