Temperature Gauges
The measuring method of a bimetal thermometer is the expansion of two different metals. Those two inseparable jointed metal strips each have a different thermal expansion coefficient. The bimetal system is built in the stem of the thermometer and functions as a temperature sensor. The measuring method of an inert gas filled thermometer is the expansion of gas in a closed system. Changes in temperature of the process to be measured create a change of pressure in the measuring system, which is translated on the dial into read out of the correct temperature. This type of thermometer is available as direct mounting and as capillary thermometer.
BDTB18 Badotherm BDTB18 bimetal temperature gauge
BDTG18 Badotherm BDTG18 gas filled temperature gauge
Thermowells are used in any application where the bulb of the thermometer may be exposed to pressure, corrosive fluids, or high velocity. The use of a thermowell also permits instrument interchangeability or recalibration without shutting down the process.
TW2x1 Badotherm TW2x1 threaded thermowell
TW2x2 Badotherm TW2x2 flanged thermowell
TW2x3 Badotherm TW2x3 FSO thermowell
TW2x4 Badotherm TW2x4 welded thermowell
TW2x5 Badotherm TW2x5 socket welded thermowell
TW111 Badotherm TW111 threaded thermowell
TW112 Badotherm TW112 flanged thermowell