The Logika Furnace Camera System gives the operator of an annealing, reheat or heat treatment furnace ultimate process control and a set of electronic eyes for troubleshooting in their respective furnace. The Logika FCS uses an air purged and water cooled high temperature camera mounted on a pneumatic/mechanical (based on choice) insertion/retraction system, while the Automatic Withdrawal System prevents damage from overheat situations.


  • Power supply: 24VDC, VAC110 or 220 VAC
  • Output form: Video
  • Field of view: 82° Diagonal View.
  • Maximum furnace temperature: 2000°C
  • Ambient temperature: Circuit board: -25°C to +55°C


  • Anti-Light jamming ability: Incandescent light 10000Lx
  • Separate control panels for electrics and pneumatics
  • Air filtration for cooling air
  • Digital temperature display and monitor
  • Automatic withdrawal system
  • On-board PLC and Control Board
  • Local air accumulator
  • Turnkey system includes refractory insert, cooling plate and mounting hardware